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BJDesign Star, no background, clip art maps

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Hello, Mr. Jones;

Thank you so much for your maps. I use the PowerPoint images. They’re great! Yes, I’ve been able to edit them as needed (very little). I paste the unlabeled maps into a graphics art app for the purpose of enlarging them & labeling them, applying various themes, depending on their purpose (e.g., schools, churches, asset maps, cities, political boundaries).

I hope to print the maps for prayer groups (thus, the different themes). But I don’t have the money for printing yet. Am saving up for that purpose. I don’t know if I’ll be starting a business or a non-profit organization. I have to find out the level of demand the market (churches & prayer groups) has for these maps. I’ve printed a few maps in the past & the cost of the printing & laminating & the labor is more than I expected & more than buyers might be willing to pay. Only one person has bought a map from me since I started making them, back in 2012.

I’ll keep in touch with & let you know how things go. I appreciate your passion for maps & for making them available. They’re wonderful for education purposes, which I might focus on later on. Interacting with maps on the computer is good, but there’s something powerful in interacting with printed maps. I’m thinking about using transparencies &, for a given region, putting different themes on each transparency, so that various transparencies can be laid on top of each other to give a visual illustration of how some things overlap or work together. The education focus is for later on, though. It requires a lot of research & time.

God bless & prosper you abundantly this year & in the coming years.


Jennifer L.


Do you think you might add the ability to color the whole country? Maybe a side bar on the world maps with country names? I used WorldMecator6Names2012, second tab (yellow world without names) for most of my presentation and colored in various countries depending on the slide.
And I’d love a Western Hemisphere globe view!

I decided to just use the photos since I was doing a side by side with the map of Canada and the map of the province or the map of the country and the map of. Europe so members would know where the speaker was located in Canada and Europe. If I had more time I would have enlarged or done a zoom in to the section where the speaker was from or put coloured bullets on the cities where they had chapters.  I was only doing what the Area Rep has asked me to create and it was short notice like a day or two before the meeting. She had just asked for a map of the country/province but I felt it was important for the attendees to get an idea where in Canada or Europe the speaker was from. I just felt more comfortable doing it this way but next time I might be inclined to use the PowerPoint maps. 

It was great to have your website to go to for maps. I am a retired educator and I think this would be a great resource to use in the classroom. 

Wishing you all the best.


“Thank you so much! I really am enjoying the program. It is working out perfectly.”
Executive Suites at Talega
San Clemente, CA


“Thank you. You guys are the best.”


“We LOVE your stuff!”
T. Webster


We have been looking for something like this for a very long time. We are sales reps where we need to divide ND in half and WY in half. And this worked perfectly… It was so easy to use too especially if you know how to use Publisher and even if you don’t these were pretty simple everyday Publisher tasks so it wouldn’t be hard for the newcomer.
Thank you, thank you, thank you,
Sierra Sales
South Dakota


“Thank you! Your product is wonderful. It has really saved the day for us.
Drug Policy Alliance”
Washington DC


“Thank you very much… I appreciate your personal service. This map helps me out in a big way with a presentation. So glad I found your services on the internet.”
UMC Health System


“Thank you very much for your message and the Mercator map! Impressive stuff! My compliments.”
Great Missenden
United Kingdom


“Thank God I found your website. I was almost in tears the night that I found your website. You see, I am still new at the place I work for. I work for a department that uses maps to show where we have sales people located throughout the United States including Alaska. We also use maps to show where our top consumer electronic customers are located. Thank you Bruce Jones Design.”