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Download the Companion PDF Book on How to Customize Your PowerPoint Clip Art Maps

10 Tips for Customizing PowerPoint Clip Art Maps

  • How to Color a State or County Map in a PowerPoint Slide
  • Adding Text Labels to a PowerPoint Map
  • Enlarging or Reducing a Group of Several States or Counties in PowerPoint
  • Part 1: Dividing a State, County or Country in Half to Show Two Sales Territories, Edit Points Method
  • Part 2: Dividing a State, County or Country in Half to Show Two Territories, Tracing Method
  • Favorite PowerPoint Customizing Tips Part 1, Using the Shift Key and Group
  • Favorite PowerPoint Customizing Tips Part 2, Enlarging & Reducing Objects, Snap to Grid
  • How to Make a Blank or Printable Map from a PowerPoint File
  • How to Convert a PowerPoint Slide into a JPG Graphic for Your Web Site or project
  • How to Set Up a PowerPoint Map Presentation with Hyperlinks
  • Coloring a Sales or Marketing Territory with the USA National PowerPoint Country Map
  • Information about Licensing Our Maps for your Organization
This guide works with all versions of PowerPoint. Some of the tools may be in different locations depending on which version of PowerPoint you have. But generally your customizing tools will be located in the Ribbon area at the top of the slide or in the upper right hand corner. Most of these instructions will also apply to Google Slides and Apple Keynote. 
PowerPoint is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation. Google Slides and Apple Keynote are trademarks of Google and Apple respectively.